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Jervis Bay boasts pristine beaches, stunning national parks, and exciting adventures waiting to be discovered. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Beach Bums

Plan your perfect beach day with the Jervis Bay Beach Guide. 

This handy resource uses wind and swell data to recommend the ideal beach based on current weather conditions.

National Park Adventures

Booderee National Park: Venture into Booderee National Park, which stretches across Jervis Bay’s southern headland. Explore Cape St George Lighthouse for dramatic cliffs, witness majestic diving sea eagles, and learn about the area’s rich history.

Green Patch: Discover another haven of white sand at Green Patch. Look out for adorable possums and kangaroos, or even consider setting up camp for an immersive nature experience.

Hyams Beach Walk: 
Embark on a breathtaking coastal walk (approximately 1 hour each way) to the world-renowned Hyams Beach, known for its incredibly white sand. The well-maintained track offers stunning scenery.

White Sands Walk & Scribbly Gum Track: 
For a more leisurely stroll, explore the 2.5-kilometer White Sands Walk and Scribbly Gum Track. This loop takes you through Hyams, Greenfields, and Seamans Beaches, showcasing Jervis Bay’s diverse beauty.

Our Favourite Walk

National Parks Website

Surfers:  Experienced surfers can head outside the bay to Cave Beach or Steamers Beach for some serious wave action.

Before embarking on your adventures, make sure to check the National Parks website for any alerts or closures.


Jervis Bay offers endless possibilities for exploration and relaxation.  Get out there and make some unforgettable memories!

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